How to get rid of the AIR in your Sound

How to get rid of the AIR in your Sound

Not happy with your flute sound? I give my all my secrets in this video about how to get rid of air in your sound and get a great flute sound. These tips can help beginner flute players all the…

How to take care of your Flute - A playlist

How to take care of your Flute – A playlist

Do you have a dirty flute? Don’t know what to do? Watch our video about all you need to know about cleaning a dirty flute. We talk about all the techniques to keep your flute nice and shiny!  

3 Ways to Help Stay in Tune

3 Ways to Help Stay in Tune

One of the hardest things to do on any instrument is to stay in TUNE! So today we talk about 3 ways you can stay in tune when playing your instrument. These principles can be used for any wind instrument…

The Flute Talk Podcast #9 | Your Favorite Romantic Pieces

Today we on our special Valentines day episode of the flute talk podcast we talk about our favorite romantic era music, plus romantic music of modern times. Also we answer Your Questions LIVE!

The Flute Talk Podcast #8 | Terry Crews Subscribes to us?

Today we talk about learning flute without being in band. Trills, Harmonics and how to it feels to have an online flute studio. Plus we answer all your questions live.

The Best Breathing Exercise for Musicians

The Best Breathing Exercise for Musicians

Do this exercise anywhere! If your feeling like your breathing is struggling or you’re stressed before a performance. It can work up to 5 hours after each exercise. This exercise will help in making your body and mind more relaxed…

The Flute Talk Podcast #7 | Flute Goals for 2018

Today we talk about your 2018 goals for playing flute and answer all your questions live! Plus a special new movement will be starting with all of you! #flutepower and #flutegoals

The Flute Talk Podcast #6 | Year In Review 2017

Today we talk about the past year and all the cool things to look forward to in 2018!

The Flute Talk Podcast #5 | 10,000 Sub LIVE GIVEAWAY

On this Episode we talk about our 3 year journey in making the flute channel and the future! We answer your questions and AND will be doing part of out 10,000 subscribers GIVEAWAY LIVE!!