The Best Breathing Exercise for Musicians

The Best Breathing Exercise for Musicians

Do this exercise anywhere! If your feeling like your breathing is struggling or you’re stressed before a performance. It can work up to 5 hours after each exercise. This exercise will help in making your body and mind more relaxed and powerful. It is a form of cardiac coherence that can help you maintain great general health, that and along with a good diet and lifestyle, it’s a steadfast way to optimal health. We hope to do more of these in the future. We hope that this will help all flutists and musicians to promote a healthy lifestyle so you can play for a long time with no obstructions.

You can do it on the subway, on a train or bus or even walking.

It’s scientifically proven to promote the best results.



What is Physiological Coherence?
Coherence is the term used by scientists to describe a state of high psychological efficiency in which the nervous, cardiovascular, endocrine and immune systems are working efficiently and in harmony. Coherence is the basis of optimum performance and health in the human being.

Greater coherence = less stress

How does it work?
The heart has its own neuronal circuit interrelated with the emotional brain that controls the emotions and physiology of the body.

When we are stressed our body is not synchronized due to negative emotions, causing disorder in heart rate and the nervous system that leads to the blocking and inhibition of the neurocortex or rational brain. In contrast, positive emotions create harmony in the nervous system and heart rate, provoking unblocking at the level of the brain, at the same time the rest of the systems of the body synchronize in this state that we call COHERENCE. Because coherence propitiates mental clarity and a capacity to take better decisions, it makes it easier to face any situation of stress.