Discord Masterclass


From today we will be gathering all those interested in our beta test of the Discord Masterclass. A monthly group class for those who want to work on their music with Amelie in a live virtual setting. Long term we want it to be an affordable choice for a flutist to have lessons and also be part of a group class setting where we can all ask questions and better each other musical journey. Below is a mailing list which you can join and we will be sending out a survey to each of you on what you want to cover, what your playing etc. Eventually, this will be a cost-effective solution for flutists and we’re super excited to be bringing it to you. Classes will be between 1-2 hours. If you’re not familiar with Discord it is a Downloadable (preferred) and Web-based site much like good hangouts. But with far more tools for the users which will be relevant in the Masterclasses.

Check out Discord here


Basically, it’s a group class in which a teacher teaches one student at a time while students listen, ask questions after a performer is done playing their piece for the teacher. Although there are many variations to this model we encourage a group class feel where we can all communicate.